Laura Parker

As owner, trainer, and instructor, Laura has over 45 years of professional experience in loving and learning with horses. Although currently training Dressage horses of all levels, Laura has been involved since her teens as a professional show groom, stable manager and/or assistant manager of facilities in the Westchester area of New York.  This led to multiple Director positions at Pace University. Laura’s successful career began in the hunter/jumper ring and continued in the dressage ring showing clients horses as well as her own.

Her love of Dressage also encouraged her to focus her Master’s Degree from NYU in motor learning and kinesiology, which has greatly benefited her students through her understanding of the human body in motion.  After five years with Pace University, Laura took a position as assistant to a local FEI Dressage trainer. This position allowed Laura to establish her own client base and as a trainer. Having had such excellent instruction herself from classical teachers such as Franz Rochowansky and Eicke van Veltheim influenced her desire to keep growing as a rider. In addition to Dressage, Laura and Thomas Lemens, director of the Institute for Alexander Technique in NYC, exchanged lessons. She then went on to be a part of the institute teaching Dressage to his 3rd-year students. Holistic care and “natural horsemanship techniques continue to influence Laura’s holistic approach to classical dressage.

Jayne Marino
Mistover, LLC

Jayne Marino has been involved in the equestrian world professionally since 1984, after her graduation from Bryn Mawr College. She has in depth experience teaching and competing in all the sport horse disciplines, including hunter/jumpers, combined training and dressage. In 1994, Jayne was certified by ARICP in combined training.

Jayne has turned her personal focus to dressage and is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist. Jayne is a certified USDF Instructor/Trainer through Fourth Level. Jayne is also a member of the USDF Faculty. Jayne currently trains with Jacqueline Brooks and participates in local clinics. Jayne makes the well-being of the horse a priority. As a teacher, she enjoys supporting the growth of partnership between horse and rider using a consistent training program.

Contact Jayne:
Phone: 203-733-3399 Email:
Facebook pages: Jayne Marino, Mistover

Hans Schmideler
International Clinician

Hans has been working with horses and riders for over 45 years. He is an FEI Dressage trainer and International course designer as well as an accomplished rider in his own right. Hans’ students and horses have won over fifty times in the Grand Prix ring as well as in all levels of Dressage. In his current training schedule, Hans continues to help British Team member Nikki Crisp rise to further success in International Dressage competition.

Hans has a large following of Dressage students competing internationally. He has a keen eye for finding the main issue blocking a horses ability to advance physically or emotionally. He can help create a simple positive solution both horse and rider will comprehend. Many of our local professionals such as Catherine McWilliams, Suzanne Handler, Robert Milton, Jayne Marino, and Lisa Pierson have had the privilege of enjoying his tutelage.

Laura Parker

As a young professional, Laura Parker has been one of my long-term mentors. We have worked side by side in training a very difficult horse. Laura has a very dynamic training approach. She seeks to provide horses with the best environment not only giving them the chance to succeed as performance horses but to keep them happy and healthy. Laura’s strong background in biomechanics provides the rider with insight on how to target specific muscle groups to strengthen the horses allowing them to excel in an appropriate manner. She is very thorough in her teaching and riding; she is always hungry to continue her education. Her facility and her training program would be a great asset to riders of all levels.
– Molly Maloney, MMDressage

Due to Laura’s keen eye for a horse’s development and her deep study of the physiology of movement, my horse is now consistently sound and we are partners as well as friends.
– Margaret Ann Roth

Hans has an eye for defining the underlying conformation and balance issues which can slow down progress in training. He is able to suggest specific exercises to overcome the issues.
– Cathy McWilliams


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