• 80’ x 160’ indoor ring with  synthetic fiber/sand/ rubber  footing
  • Passive Solar Polycarbonate siding, which is a translucent building material that lets in natural light on all sides of the arena.
  • Removable panels in indoor as well as doors on three sides
  • Ceiling Fans in indoor arena
  •  Grass paddocks and or sand  for turn-out of all horses
  • 180’x 180′ Outdoor sand ring with beautiful views all around it.
  • Large Outdoor Dressage ring with judge’s booth, with synthetic fiber/sand footing.
  • 54 acres, which include many gently sloping or level trails. We also have access to a mile-long dirt road adjacent to the property, as well as some steep hills for conditioning.
  • Professional caring staff  living on premises.
  • Fire alarm system.
  • Venting fan in hay loft automatically turns on when loft gets above 76 degrees.
  • Venting fan acts to circulate already well-vented barn.
  • Sand round pen
  • Fifteen 12’ x 12’ stalls,  ALL with large windows to the outside; smaller windows are able to be opened within the framework of the large window for different levels of ventilation
  • Interlocking rubber mats in each stall on top of leveled stone dust and clay.
  • Heated barn to maintain a climate controlled environment for horses and humans. This is considered excellent for minimizing possibility of colic from strong temperature changes.  Common issues from heavy blanketing needed in unheated barns are eliminated, such as rubbing and chiropractic issues from double blanketing and layering.

IMG_0478I feel myself incredibly lucky to have found Inner Circle Farm. As an adult amateur rider looking to begin my dressage education, it was important for me to find a friendly and intimate environment for my training without sacrificing the world-class facilities of a larger show barn. Inner Circle Farm has met, and exceeded all of my expectations! I am welcomed every time I come to ride by happy and relaxed horses, a knowledgeable staff, a heated and pristine barn with oversized stalls; a wonderful indoor ring with great footing, mirrors, and sunlight; an outdoor regulation dressage ring; and loads of grass turnouts for my horses! There are also acres of well-kept trails and an amazing view of the mountains right outside the barn doors.

The training that my horses receive on a daily basis from Laura and her team is manifested in the continued progress I experience both from in the saddle and on the ground on every visit. Furthermore, I always feel confident that my horses are receiving the best possible care regardless of whether I can be there or not. A better riding experience cannot be imagined!

– Deborah Rieders

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