a_schoenDr. Allen Schoen
Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S., offers an innovative approach that unites the best of holistic, natural techniques with conventional veterinary medicine to offer a new comprehensive form of compassionate animal health care services. Look for Allen’s wonderful books the newest being “The Compassionate Equestrian”  (see the contribution from ICF)


NatalieNatalie Deeb, Integrative Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit
Natalie is a shaman amazingly accurate animal communicator and heart-centered cranioSacral therapist, using her experience, knowledge, and passion with humans and animals.



IMG_20130616_093945_745-1-111The Refined Equine: Karen Withstandley
:  saddle fitting to for the equine athlete… Karen has an impressive knowledge of the physicality of our horses in motion and an acute eye for issues that the correct saddle fit can resolve. She uses Thermo-Imaging and touch to analyze the issues… In addition, The Refined Equine offers extensive knowledge of many different saddles and offers impressive advice for helping find the right one for you and your horse.


Michael Stewart DVM: Equine Veterinarian specializing in lameness, sports medicine and recovery,  working extensively with sport horses and racehorses. Michael has a particularly strong love for horses and an equally strong interest in the innovative and holistic methods of healing. He has been on the cutting edge with new techniques and his own inventions. He was one of the first of the equine veterinarians to bring the correct use of shock-wave treatment into rehabilitation and expansion of movement for the athlete. He is very conservative about the use of such modalities in that he understands the ramifications of creating the ability for more motion without correct strength training and targeted exercises.

IMG_00771Laura Spilhaus: Equine Physiologist
Amazing hands-on work, highly trained and dedicated to the healing of the horse… Laura manages to enlighten us on the many different aspects that make a “whole horse” function well…Laura can advise an owner or trainer about the physical obstacles that interrupt function and cause pain.  She can test for issues of specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies, chiropractic problems, ulcer issues, etc.  Laura can correct or give us give expert advice on appropriate supplements to correct these issues, help discern when the chiropractor or veterinarian or even farrier should help our animals.  cell#  631-338-0092   |   email:


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Yoga Teacher. Reiki Practitioner. Light Worker.

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